Quadro - a 3d printed quatropode - Part 1

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I always wanted to build a legged robot and now i have finally found the moment.

The plan ( well initial plan 😄 )


  • 12 DOF using MG90S microservos
  • rpi zero w as brainz
  • PCA9685 16 channel pwm driver for the many servos
  • custom built battery pack out of two 3.6v li-ion cells with BMS
  • an ubec to provide the 5v
  • sensors TBD


  • the pi will run a custom build linux image
  • the control software will be spawned from an earlier project I've been playing with written in golang using a framework called gobot.io
  • more TBD


I'm designing from scratch using FreeCAD (yes I'll redo it a few times 😄 )

This is a post in the Quadro series.
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